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Accelerate Growth with Outsource Marketing & B2B Sales

You've been pounding the phones for weeks trying to generate new leads and close more deals, but your sales numbers still aren't where you want them to be. As a B2B sales consultant, you know how frustrating the ups and downs can be. It requires the right strategy, messaging, and persistence. 

If you feel like you've hit a wall or are struggling to gain momentum, then fear not because Deals Knight is here to help you!

Increased Closing Rate

Deals Knight's sales consultants can evaluate your current sales methodology and pipeline, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices for moving leads through the funnel. This outside perspective often results in higher close rates and bigger deals.

Better Alignment

Do your sales and marketing teams feel disconnected? A sales consultant can help align these critical departments by clarifying roles, optimizing handoffs, and building processes for feedback and collaboration. When sales and marketing are working together efficiently, it leads to higher quality leads and faster sales cycles.


Our sales consultants are experts in B2B sales with years of experience helping companies in a variety of industries. They stay on the cutting edge of sales strategies, tools and best practices. By utilizing a consultant’s expertise, you gain access to proven sales methodologies and insights that would otherwise take years to develop.


In today’s competitive market, sales consulting may be the secret weapon you need to gain an advantage. With the right consultant, you'll win bigger deals, close faster, and build a high-performing sales team. For any B2B company, that's a winning strategy.

Our sales consultants will work with you to develop an effective sales strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals. This includes identifying your ideal customer profile, determining how to best position your product or service to them, and mapping out a step-by-step process for engaging prospects and moving them through the sales funnel. A well-defined strategy will help focus your efforts and increase your win rate.

What to Remember when Hiring a B2B Consultancy?

When looking to hire a B2B sales consultancy, you want to make sure they will provide real value and help you win more deals. Asking the right questions upfront will help determine if they have the experience and approach to move your sales to the next level.

Understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics will ensure they can quantifiably improve your sales results. Ask how they will benchmark where you are now, set targets, and monitor progress toward goals.

Staying authentic and providing true value will set you up for success. With Deals Knight, you can crush your sales targets and gain more high-value clients.

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