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Why don't many Sales agencies succeed at Lead generation?

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Lead generation isn’t easy, and we all know it. This is even more pronounced in B2B and Enterprise scenarios with multiple decision-makers and a complex hierarchy. But some sales agencies do it effectively like the back of their hand. 



Some of the areas observed why most Sales agencies do not consistently deliver leads are: - 


  • Domain knowledge  


How much does the sales agency understand your industry domain? Don’t you think this is very important to walk the talk? The prospect who is getting cold-called or emailed is not going to be impressed by a weak message. Starting with the first few seconds of the call made to him/her or the email’s subject, every bit of it needs to make sense. Everybody is already very busy, and thanks to the email algorithms these days, they might not even make it to the prospect's inbox, for all you know. Personalization and customization of the message to the individual prospect is another art, not done well by most Sales agencies. How is all this going to happen without deep Industry knowledge?  


  • Understanding of your products and services 


How many Sales agencies spend time and effort to ensure that the team involved in the lead generation process is well-oriented with the products and services knowledge? Also, mapping the relevant team members with related skills based on their backgrounds is important for results. A cookie-cutter approach to allocating team members to lead generation tasks is a mistake and will never work.  


  • The effective use of the GTM collateral 


Successful lead generators spend many hours reviewing the Go-to-market artifacts before starting lead generation activities.  Only when they know what is available in terms of data points would they be able to effectively position to succeed at securing the prospect’s attention. 


  • The overall confidence & motivation of the workforce 


This is a tricky one and not an easy one. Nor can this be developed overnight. Gone are the days when incentives were the only motivation needed.  


  • The patience and hard work needed to understand the prospect’s problem and position the right solution smartly and effectively.  


Lead generation will never work by spraying messages and praying for them to hit the mark. There is a need for a thorough understanding of the Prospect, his/her role, activities, background, his/her company’s background, news, and goals, and all of this is not happening in a hurry as it will take time, effort and focus by way of thorough research.   


  • Skilled workforce 


In addition to being from a similar industry background and understanding the related terminologies, products, and services, the lead generation team also needs to be well-equipped with solid soft skills. Self-management, time management, and great communication skills are needed, which mostly don’t come as a package, you will agree. The daily discipline, rigor, and attention to detail at every step of the lead generation process, consistently day in and day out, is crucial.  


  • The discipline to programmatically follow up with prospects is an essential component of lead generation that is hardly put into practice by sales agencies.  


Industry stats confirm that only 1-2% of the prospects respond on first touch. But if programmatically followed up, that percentage could go as high as 18% over the following 3-4 weeks. But the question is, do the sales agencies methodically adhere and execute in line? No.  


With so much needed and the related costs associated with all the above, only a few sales agencies can consistently and effectively deliver quality leads. The problem was, how do you get to check all this before signing them up?  


Hopefully, this article will help now.  

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