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Not all Lead Generation agencies deliver.

There is no such thing as “one-size-that-fits-all” when it comes to Lead generation agencies. There are so many factors to consider and get right before a relationship between a client and a lead generation agency can start producing wonders in terms of Sales realization.  

Some of those factors are: -  

  • Suitability of the lead generation agency in terms of their skillset in understanding the product or service at an expert level (not just high level). This is most important in order not to come across as a low-grade Salesy company, who doesn’t know what they are trying to sell. It is the responsibility of the client to get this right because if not done, it could end up as an anti-marketing activity that could leave the brand with irreparable damage.  

  • Understanding the Ideal Customer profile (ICP). Does the lead generation agency have the tools and methods to get the right ICP and their coordinates to conduct best reachouts.  

  • Target Geography and the related nuances that come with it. Here even the time-zones alignment also kicks in.  

  • How actively do we course correct in the initial period of the engagement. This is so important that it can make or break the whole plan because there are always valuable learnings at the start of every step in the process (Research, prospecting, targeting).  

The above only are relevant to the step till the lead is bought in. But the overall satisfaction of the client with the lead generation agency, irrespective of it being the agency’s responsibility or no, ends up with the results. And results depends upon what happens once a lead is generated.  


Here is where the other critical aspects of realizing Sales comes in and there is a blurred line between who is responsible and who gets directly or indirectly blamed for the consequence.  

The Quality of Technical Pre-Sales.  

Buyers are either well-informed or they are well-confused given by the publicly available information overload. The CIO’s and IT managers at the client’s place are constantly getting torn between IT trends & best practices versus Business/management preferences and directives. No matter what their state, their expectations from Product and Service providers is to get complete clarity of how the proposed solution is going to help them. If Technical pre-sales is not done properly, it is not only an opportunity lost but it also undoes the good effort and work done by the Lead generation agency in bringing in the lead, that could very well be converted into a confirmed order from a new customer. How often does this happen but.  

Smart Sales managements realize that this is very important, and they invest time and effort in dipstick surveys and barge-ins to keep all this in check. Lead generation is hard and very few good agencies cut it, who are technical, well connected, automated, have great experienced resources and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in place. Unless there is a one-teamness between the client’s team and the lead generation agency’s team, this feat will not be achievable. But here is the good news, if not done well, it can provide unlimited business growth and personal gratifications for all involved.  



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