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What happens after a Sales consulting agency gets you the Lead defines your success

Getting a good lead for businesses is hard, but not for good Sales agencies who know the drill. Sales consulting agencies know what it takes to get to the right prospect with the right messaging to ensure they get Leads for you. Some Sales agencies stop at this stage of getting you a lead, but there are very few in the market today who drive the entire sales process end-to-end right up till the decision. These are specialist organizations run by some very experienced and confident Sales veterans with decades of experience, and their business model does not transfer the total cost of lead generation in the form of a Retainer. They make money only when they bring you sales closures and take a percentage of that as their actual earnings.

But even such specialist Sales consulting agencies need the support of the selling company in terms of quality Technical Pre-sales. Pre-sales starts right from the first meeting with the prospects and, in many cases, is the most important first step to impress. Not many companies who want sales realize the importance of preparing and investing time and effort to ensure top-quality first meetings. The following are some of the activities needed before the first meeting with the prospect: -

  • Be clear about what you want out of this first meeting.

  • Research the prospective company inside out.

  • Research the Prospect (Persona) inside out.

  • Understand their current problem area and impact.

  • Understand their Industry vertical and research the common challenges that their Industry is facing locally and globally to arrive at a pattern.

  • Prepare a custom Slide deck with what could be their problem area and map technical solutions.

  • Assemble relevant case studies to demonstrate proficiency on the subject and proven capabilities.

  • Suggest an Approach slide to provide visibility to the next steps.

  • Have a Data collection slide to ask questions that will allow the prospect to open up and discuss their pain point more in detail by providing insights into stated and unstated goals.

  • Anticipate questions and be ready.

  • If you can provide a DEMO during the first meeting, nothing like it. Seeing is believing and will save you a lot of selling.

  • Check if you have met the goals of the meeting and keep a time check.

  • Summarize the meeting with the following steps and get double confirmations on the same to ensure there is continuity to the discussion, as that is most important to have any hopes of closing a deal in the near future.

All the above needs to be contributed by the Selling company as the good sales agency will have a pre-meeting briefing to set the right expectations and plan together. A Lead generation agency will bring the prospect to the selling customer, but what happens after depends mainly on the selling company with guidance from the sales consulting agency. Good Sales agencies pay attention to details, set clear communications, and ensure tangible progress happens after a lead is tabled for success.

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