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Why Sales Leaders Should Not Miss First Prospect Meetings

When sales agencies bring confirmed meetings with new prospects, many sales leaders do not attend, citing any interest as the requirement is unqualified. And that is fair. The requirement is not qualified for sure, and it doesn't have to be. But by not attending the meeting, the Sales Leaders are losing out on the following essential points: -

·       You are getting a direct connection to build relationships in the target geography.

·       You can have a contact established in the target country and could reach out to meet up when traveling to that country.

·       By listening to what they say, we pick up many signals that could help collect insights to form patterns of the requirements from that market or vertical.

·       We could get valuable insights about our offerings and how they match the prospect's needs, region, or industry.

·       We might meet one requirement and get another opportunity for something totally unrelated, but it turns out to be a big Lead or opportunity in the long run.

·       You could end up knowing the person who could connect you to various other connections for business.

·       Get knowledge about what product enhancements could be made based on the prospect’s inputs and unfulfilled needs.

·       Get an opportunity to get 1:1 with the end-prospect to ask questions, vet or validate your understanding, thinking, or any stat that could assist your company holistically.

·       Impress not for immediate requirements but use the opportunity to present all that you can do to help the prospect’s business for future requirements.

·       It could also help validate if your Lead generation agencies are thinking and acting right by putting their efforts in the right areas or if there is a need to course correct.

Also, without agreeing to meet the prospect and meeting them, we won’t get to the qualified requirement anyway. Sales Leaders are undoubtedly busy people, but for the above reasons, they must attempt to attend first prospect meetings. Good Sales consulting agencies do their due diligence in prospecting and targeting the right target audience based on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). They reach out and book appointments that take the first step to realizing Sales. Qualification of the lead based on pre-set criteria should be kept aside, but missing out on the opportunity to meet a new prospect should be avoided.


That can never be a waste of your time, mostly.



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