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Marketing & Sales Strategy Consulting

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu

marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales Practice Enablement for STARTUP organisations 

For busy startups, setting up Marketing and Sales Practices can be a resource-intensive task requiring significant time and money. With founders juggling multiple responsibilities, keeping up with all the necessary activities can be challenging.

That's why working with an agency can be an essential non-negotiable for startups looking to establish effective B2B marketing and sales practices. Our services include :

  • A clear roadmap of B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy for 3+ years.

  • Strategy execution plan that outlines documented processes, people, sales enablement tools recommendations, and management guidelines.

  • Hiring and onboarding Sales and Marketing team members either by the customer’s HR Team or outsourced to us.

  • And for the next three years, we will provide three months of weekly hand-holding and six months of checkpoint engagement to ensure our clients are well-supported.

Marketing and Sales Practice optimization for ACTIVE (non-Startup) organizations

Established businesses that have invested in Marketing and Sales - people, processes, and technologies - are often disappointed with the tangible Sales outcomes. Working with a B2B Sales Consulting agency with top experienced professionals can make all the difference in such cases. Our services include :

  • Marketing and Sales current state discovery, gap analysis, and assessment to identify areas for improvement.

  • Presentation to CxO team for approval of proposed improvements.

  • Followed by Project management to implement improvements.

  • Enhance all aspects of Sales, Processes, People, Tools, and Management.

  • Conduct interval-based improvement monitoring and reporting to track progress and ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.


Marketing and Sales Automation - Assessment and Optimisation


The rise of AI and Cloud-based Marketing and Sales automation tools have made it easier for businesses to focus on customers and their needs by minimizing internal communication overhead. However, this can only be achieved if the tools are well-configured and implemented.

To ensure the effective use of these tools, we offer a comprehensive set of services, such as CRM Consulting, Marketing automation in CRM, that include :

  • We start with a review of Marketing and Sales processes and execution plans, followed by a tools implementation assessment.

  • Conduct a gap analysis and prepare a report detailing areas for improvement.

  • With the scope of improvements defined and approved, we implement the necessary changes, including project implementation.

  • Improvements implementation.

  • Present an executive delivery acceptance presentation for sign-off to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results and that the tools are not a hindrance but an asset to their business.

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