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B2B Sales Outsourcing

"The myth of the superhuman who can do everything is just that - a myth."

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Complete B2B Sales Management

  • Get a clear understanding of Sales goals and priorities.

  • Target Account Identification and Outreach in line with customer's sales priorities and goals. This is based on our investment in AI-based B2B Sales Intelligence tools. 

  • Omni Channel outreach.

  • Generate B2B Marketing & B2B Sales qualified leads.

  • Manage B2B opportunities.

  • Own and drive the entire sales process until the conclusion. 

  • Deliver purchase orders to customers.

  • Provide continuous account management for one year after that.

Inside Sales/Lead Generation Setup and Management

  • Assessment of marketing and sales goals.

  • Design of inside sales consultant team structure and management for clients.

  • Recruitment and onboarding of team members with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for customers' premises, our office, or Work from Home/Anywhere. 

  • Provision of three months of hand-holding support for the entire practice to settle and deliver results.

  • Regular six-monthly check-ins for a period of three years to ensure ongoing success.

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Account-based Marketing

  • Get a clear understanding of the expectations from the targeted accounts with timelines. This can include non-immediate sales goals and priorities as well.

  • Target Account Identification and Outreach in line with account's sales priorities and goals. This is based on our investment in AI-based B2B Sales Intelligence tools. 

  • Omni Channel outreach

  • Outsourced Sales and Marketing for targeted accounts

  • Gain an understanding of customers' target accounts.

  • Collect available information on the target accounts.

  • Design an outreach strategy and plan.

  • Implement the plan and provide monthly progress reports.

Product launch planning and execution

  • Product Marketing consulting.

  • Conduct a thorough Product/Service fitment analysis.

  • Collect and review product Marketing and Sales collateral.

  • Provide feedback and recommend improvements.

  • Develop a comprehensive Launch Strategy.

  • Implement the Launch Strategy and track results regularly.

  • Executive management reporting on progress made.


Event Delegation Registrations 

  • Event Marketing consulting

  • Understand event goals and target attendee criteria.

  • Craft event content and collateral.

  • Manage invitations and registrations.

  • Social media staggered count-down posts.

  • Report results.

Monthly Packages for Generating Leads on a Global Scale

  • End-to-end B2B Sales consulting

  • A monthly package of Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads with end-to-end opportunity management.

  • Managing meeting logistics, post-meeting minutes, and related follow-ups.

  • Own and drive the post-lead opportunity management process with the support of the customer's technical pre-sales team and take it to a conclusion.

  • Weekly Executive Management Cadence and Reporting.

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Targeted market analysis and B2B contact list development

  • Understand customers' research goals and objectives.

  • Define research criteria and information required.

  • Develop and present a project plan for approval.

  • Conduct research activities and analyze collected data.

  • Present findings and insights to stakeholders.

  • Help suggest an Account win Strategy based on insights.

  • Deliver a comprehensive research report.

Expert Bid Management for Enterprise/World Bank RFPs

  • Conduct feasibility/qualification analysis and present findings

  • Prepare presentations for Go/No-Go decision-making considerations.

  • Facilitate pre-sales discussions.

  • Manage the RFP process and submit high-quality bids on time.

  • Leverage the strength of our global network to get best opportunity intelligence and results.

  • Lead negotiation discussions and communications.

  • Report results to stakeholders.

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